Project & Design Questionnaire

Congratulations on choosing to take the exciting journey of creating your own individual sanctuary. Either you have recently started this journey and have started reaching out to builders, architects and designers or you have plans and are ready to build! RJM can help you move forward in your journey at any stage, providing you with our knowledge and experience with open lines of communication for any questions or requests you may have.

Our helping hand and experience to provide you with the best journey is elevated with the amount of detail you provide us, and that’s exactly what this questionnaire has been designed to do. If you have just started your journey then the detail you provide will ensure you get a high-quality design that meets your tailored needs, wants and expectations. Maybe you have plans and designs made, that’s great let us know if you do we can start the next process in your journey. The details you provide us will also help with precise budgeting and understanding of what your sanctuary looks like to you. Finally, and most importantly it gives us the opportunity and insight to know who you are as we welcome you in to the RJM family and community.

For any questions you may not have an answer for, or maybe it doesn’t apply to you that’s fine just leave it blank. Thank you in advance for filling out the questionnaire and we look forward to reading it and getting to meet you at our first consultation.