Renovation, commercial & custom builds

home renovations

Modernising your house into a home, exactly how you have always imagined, with interpretation. We strive to take the time to listen to and appreciate every clients’ dreams, visions and ideas. Nothing is too difficult, or original.

commercial builds

Designing and developing larger projects with a strong relationship between client and builder from start to finish, with innovation. We constantly and proactively strive to use the best methods, techniques and quality materials in all we do. We will continuously assess and train our team to maintain the highest levels of service and productivity. Implementation. We will demand the highest integrity standards from our entire team. We will deliver what we say, when we say.

new architectural homes

New concept buildings and designs brought to life. We devote the time, experience and resources to explore the most effective ways to convert clients’ vision into a practical and individual reality.

Ambassador Program

RJM Builders Ambassadors are previous clients, architects and others who are proud to refer people to us. Anyone referred by an Ambassador will receive a complimentary consultation and a $500 deduction on the cost of building their sanctuary.

what clients said